Our first Sales Day

Alpha Mega Engomis 28/02/2021

Hello Washa-Friends!

After a long process of preparation and testing we were ready to do our first Sales Day. It took place in Alpha Mega Engomis on Sunday the 28th of February. The whole Washaball team was ready to present our product to the customers of the biggest super-market of the city!

“It’s really unbelievable the fact that your product lasts for so long! I am certainly going to buy due to that fact! I can contribute to the protection of the environment and my pocket simultaneously…”

(This is what a young woman, that later became our customer, told us when we presented her our product for the first time)

Unfortunately, due to strict Covid restricitons our stay in the shop was limited and not as interactive as we would like. However, we improvised and did the best we could to promote our company!

Certainly, our first interaction with the public was incredible and we can’t wait to do many more Sale Days. Stay tuned for more Washaball events coming soon…