Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have any scents?

Our stock laundry pellets that come with the ball have no scent, however, you can buy separately our scent pellets. At the moment, only Levander scented pellets are available, but more scents might be provided soon.

Is your product suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin?

Our free of harsh chemicals toxic free ceramic pellets are proven to be soft on skin and are suitable for all your loved ones to leave them with clean, fresh and most importantly comfortable clothes.

How long do the pellets last?

The cleaning pellets in the washaball should last you a minimum of 9 months of normal use. The scent pellets however last about 15-20 washes and only 1 to 2 pellets have to be used on each refill, our scent pellet pack should give you about a month’s worth of laundry with clean smelling clothes.

How to use the washaball laundry ball-instructions:​

It’s easy just use a coin or a suitable shaped tool to unlock the ball and then press in, in order to release the cap from the top. Fill the washaball with your desired scent pellets, if you wish, close and lock the washaball’s lid, throw it in the washing machine and let the cycle begin!

Will the laundry ball damage my washing machine?

Our laundry ball is made in a unique design that will in no way cause any kind of damage to your washing machine.

Where can I find the upcoming Washaball events?

The Washaball team organises many events throught the year. You can see the full calendar of our events be pressing here.